Paul Harms grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. From an early age he was fascinated with houses; not only in terms of design, but by how they were lived in. He earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the prestigious School of Architecture at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida; an institution dedicated to smart growth principles and classically-inspired design.
Paul's career, and life, has always revolved around houses. He started working on high-end renovation projects on Chicago's North Shore.
Then, intrigued with the concept of New Urbanism, Paul joined Urban Design Associates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to help create the architectural landscape of several new buildings and neighborhoods.
Next, Paul joined well-known designer Eric Moser at Moser Design Group in Beaufort, South Carolina. It was at this coastal location, in the beautiful community of Habersham, where he was inspired to create his own firm, LiveWell Home Design.
Recently, Paul moved back to his Midwestern roots and settled in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the Twin Cities he gained further technical knowledge from a local design-build company and a high-end residential architecture firm. The charming neighborhoods, urban vitality, and beautiful natural surroundings of Minneapolis continue to inspire Paul to design "right-sized" home transformations.
Whether it’s a re-imagined room or an entirely new space, Paul approaches his designs with the personal goals of the owners in mind. He believes that the best design solutions are the result of true collaboration.
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